In order to encourage internationalization of the film industry and strengthen the position of Serbia for high-budget productions, the Ministry of Economy has introduced a higher rate of 30% cash rebate for feature films with minimum Serbian spend of 5.000.000 EUR. This decision became effective on August 10th, 2019.

The fourth year of the implementation of the Incentive Programme in Serbia was the most successful so far. In 2019 over 40 projects have already received funding from the incentives with call for projects being open all year round. The most prominent titles to receive Serbian cash rebate were Johnny Depp’s Minamata and Crawl, released in cinemas in July 2019.

This brings the total figures to over 150 supported projects since its inception in April 2016. The total level of attracted investments is expected to surpass 100 million by the end of 2019.

New Decree and other information regarding Incentives are updated on page INCENTIVES.

IN PRODUCTION: Feature-length Documentary film “Solčence zahaja”

Bandur Film is currently in production of feature-length documentary film “Solčence zahaja”, a very ambitious take by young writer and director Stefan Krasic and musicologist Ana Hofman, who is trying to find the origins of an old Slovenian folk song that children in Serbia (Yugoslavia) used to sing in schools.

Plot thickens when Ana and her colleagues discover that it is not a folk song. And it definitely is not Slovenian, but more likely a Tito’s experiment, a part of a wider conspiracy…

The film is being made with the support of Film Center Serbia.

It will be filmed in Belgrade, Nis, Ljubljana and New York.

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