If your production company is interested in filming in Serbia, we are ready to provide you with detailed profiles of locations and photographs of sites, by your request.

    • You will find that there is a great choice of suitable sites! If so, we offer you to organize an area scouting trip.
    • Or, if you are a location scout, location manager or production manager, looking for new location opportunities, visit us for an area scouting trip!
  • Most locations can be controlled for shooting.
  • With very little travel, diverse range of locations can be attained for filming.
  • The journey from Belgrade, the capital, to the National parks is around 1.5 – 2 hour drive.
  • The journey from Belgrade to Podgorica, Tivat (Montenegro), Banja Luka (Republika Srpska) and Skopje (FYR Macedonia) are a 5-6 hours drive or a 30-40 minute flight.

Montenegro offers Mediterranean looks.

      • Our region is rich with locations matching requirements of any script.

Variety of locations matching the requirements of most any script. Beautiful, unique and, for international productions, undiscovered locations!

Continental plain, gentle rolling hills, high mountain ranges, snowy peaks, glacial lakes, streams, rivers, lakes, mediterranean sea, canyons, cliffs, caves, national parks, forests, west and central european architecture, 19th and 20th century (Habsburg), fortresses, castles, vinyards, unique locations, medieval, monasteries, ottoman empire (turkish), roman, eastern bloc, etc.

Modern Belgrade offers variety of scenery!

With traditional hospitality, Belgrade offers safe and friendly environments for filming.

During the “Golden Age” of Yugoslav cinematography our producers had over 200 co-productions with foreign companies.

Some of the greatest movies of the ‘60s up to ‘90s were filmed in Belgrade and Yugoslavia.

The greatest Hollywood stars were commonly seen on the streets of Belgrade. During the last decade, Belgrade has been once more the regional centre for international co-production and host to some of the greatest Hollywood stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel and Gerard Butler.