Located at the crossroads between Central and Southern Europe, Serbia is found in the Balkan peninsula and the Pannonian Plain.

Serbia lies between latitudes 41° and 47° N, and longitudes 18° and 23° E.

The country covers a total of 88,361 km2  (34,116.37 mi2(including Kosovo), which places it in at 113th place in the world.

The Pannonian Plain covers the northern part of the country (mainly Vojvodina and Mačva) while the easternmost tip of Serbia extends into the Wallachian Plain. The terrain of the central part of the country, with the region of Šumadija at its heart, consists chiefly of hills traversed by the rivers. Mountains dominate the southern part of Serbia. The Dinaric Alps stretch in the west and the southwest following the flow of the rivers Drina and Ibar. The Carpathian Mountains and the Balkan Mountains stretch north to south in direction eastern Serbia.

Ancient mountains in the southeast corner of the country belong to the Rilo-Rhodope Mountain system. Elevation ranges from the Midžor peak of the Balkan Mountains at 2,169 m (2116.14 ft) (highest peak in Serbia) to the lowest point of just 17 m (55.77 ft) near Danube river at Prahovo.