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Do you spend time, effort and money collaborating between departments within and outside the Studio? Is your production centralized? Do you use different software to manage high resolution & proxy content for your production supply chain? Do your Dailies on DVDs/hard drives often reach too late for feedback to be meaningful? Do you have one system that will store, manage, transcode and deliver content across the Production supply chain? Are you worried about Security while sharing Digital Dailies? 

Why risk your business when all you need is a simple cloud-based solution? One that not just manages dailies, but also your production & post production workflows.

With DAX® Production Cloud, you have access to Primetime Emmy® award winning, patented DAX® with Digital Dailies®. The industry has been using the award winning DAX® Digital Asset Management software for review of dailies & cuts and document management for years. DAX® with Digital Dailies® has gone through a significant upgrade with some powerful additions to the software. With this upgrade and expanded functionality, we now call this DAX® Production Cloud. It allows clients to use the same system for both Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. Now, stakeholders across the Production supply chain – On-set, editorial, VFX (pull downs), Marketing (trailers), Localization Vendors, Distribution (Screeners) – can all collaborate on the same software.

Adopt ONE cloud-based software to manage Dailies and Post Servicing Workflows. ONE software to manage all the high resolution and low resolution content, dailies and post production workflows for production, marketing and distribution. ONE system to store, manage, transcode and deliver content across the Production supply chain.

Key Features

  • Production Servicing Module – Single file ingest, transcode, watermark, distribute multiple formats to production stakeholders and partners
  • Integration between Production Operations and Broadcast Operations – Delivery of finals via DAX® Production Cloud to kick off downstream work for network
  • Pre-production tools & services (On-set Distribution, Content Engine, Script Ratings)
  • Support for Mezzanine files and essences
  • Adaptive, multi-bitrate streaming
  • Advanced permissions and administration modules
  • Clip-based workflow
  • DRM and Forensic Watermarking
  • Advanced Document Management
  • Library/DAM
    • Collections – Multiple ways to organize files including new favourites and bookmarks
    • Collaboration
      • Tasks – Creating/viewing/online reports and management
      • Sharing – Screener functionality with advanced security precautions for DAX® Production Cloud users and non-users alike; solicit and collate feedback from viewers
  • BPM Engine
  • Access to Cloud Storage through Operations Cloud
    • Secure storage of content on the Cloud, highly available, five 9s reliability
    • Options of Private or Public Clouds, including ability to use client accounts in Public Clouds like AWS, Azure
    • Unique Hybrid Cloud architecture to manage distributed storage within Studio lots/sites where required
  • Access to Dynamic Transcoding via Operations Cloud
    • To cater to pull downs, restore and delivery
    • Best-of-breed Transcoder options
    • Integrated with Publish utilities to prepare and deliver content to preset destinations
    • Ready-to-use BPM primitives for each Transcoder and adaptability to configure new destinations
  • Ability to ingest, conform and deliver raw camera footage to proxies and various downstream formats
  • Editorial/VFX/Graphics workflows with BPM functionality to facilitate distribution of raw files to Editorial/VFX teams
  • ‘My Projects’ executive home page for executive viewers to have a streamlined one-click access to their most important content in a strong, easy to access UI
  • Mobility: Android app for desktop apps (Windows and Mac), Browser, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Set Top Boxes DAX Mobile with iDailies® service for iPhone/iPad app available for TV and Feature content producers

Key Benefits

  • Fastest time-to-market
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Lower TCO
  • SaaS Model, No upfront Capex, conserving capital that can be invested on creating content

Did you know?

  • DAX® with Digital Dailies® has been the leading Digital Dailies solution for over 10 years and is patented technology – US Patent No:7,660,416/8,218,764/12,976,929/13, 903,908
  • Over 80% of US primetime scripted network television production use DAX® with Digital Dailies® for Dailies
  • DAX® with Digital Dailies® is a Primetime Emmy® Award winner