Serbia has a good pool of local crews. They are qualified and hard working; speak English with experience in servicing international productions. Key crew speak fluent English and using another important foreign language (French, Italian, Russian, German) Crews are flexible with overtime, non-union, week rates are very competitive. Crews from Serbia are used for filming in former republics of Yugoslavia.


As some of the great movies have been filmed in Serbia during the last decade, so have our younger crews grew in experience in working with Hollywood producers, while some of them built international carrier working all over the world. Older ones who have been involved in great co productions and services in the golden era of Yugoslav motion picture industry represent a good base in terms of experience, education and overseeing.


Serbia, also, has a good pool of key and supporting talents with international experience. Region offers, mainly, Slavic and Mediterranean looking talent. There are a lot of minorities (Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, Roma, Turkish…) for appearance as background actors and extras.


Some of our great actors and actresses worked with foreign productions, both in Serbia and abroad.


To name a few – Rade Serbedzija (Eyes Wide Shut, Snatch, The Saint, Mission Impossible II), Branka Katic (Captain America – The Winter Soldier, Public Enemies), Anica Dobra (mostly in Germany), Dragan Micanovic (Bad Company, Layer Cake, Coriolanus), Sergej Trifunovic (Next, The Raven, On the Milky Road), Lazar Ristovski (Casino Royale, November Man, Underground), Nikola Djuricko (World War Z)…